Production is a process consuming the energy –We are committed to the sustainable production processes that minimize both the energy consumed and the waste produced. We believe the sustainable manufacturing will keep us at a long term growth.


At each one of our bases, we are doing the best to reduce the wastes and run an efficient and cost-effective system that uses as less energy as possible, less emissions and more recycles or reusing wasted products wherever we can.


Sustainable processes

All our manufacturing processes , we designed the process with the sustainability in mind and lower power running, lower gas equipment are always adopted, in the meantime, All heating, lighting and cooling systems are monitored, all furnaces were equipped with monitors to track the energy consumption.


All emissions, whether gases, liquids, or solid and wastes, are monitored, treated where necessary, and sent for reuse or recycling wherever possible. We’re sparing no efforts to reduce the unnecessary packing materials and choose for recycled materials in our packing and transportation, we also reduce the usage of papers and suggest our partners, customers to do their best on energy saving for better environment.



Safety is the bottom line of our business and we always give top priority on safety issues on all manufacturing processes, deliveries, customer visits, employee activities and other business units.


A variety of practices and working instructions are conducted for better individual protection and working safety, we arranged the safety working every week and any random supervision is conducted every month.


The safety of our customers and partners are both vital to us, we created materials safety data sheets for each product and make updates or revisions every year, we provide quick response on any inquires on products properties and our people is always on duty for help.