Bio Soluble Wool (AES) Bulk

Temperature Grade:



Bulk Type:

Chopped, unchopped, textile

Standard Packing:

Plastic Bag, Carton Box, Pallet

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Biomag™ soluble wool bulk is the man made vitreous bulk based alkaline earth silicate, the main chemical composition is calcium, magnesium and silicate. It provides excellent heat insulation performance with lower heat loss

Biomag™ soluble wool bulk is the main feedstock for producing soluble wool blanket, board, paper, vacuum formed products and some special coatings, it can be also used as insulation fillings.

  • Low bio persistence alkaline earth silicate wool 

  • High working temperature resistance and insulation

  • High fiber index and less skin irritation

  • High purity raw materials and contains low impurities

  • Low heat storage for high efficiency enery savings

  • Staple materials for multiple soluble fiber product forms

Extensive Applications


Stuffing materials for furnace, heaters and lining gaps

Staple materials for producing blanket, board and papers

Base seals in automotive applications

Filter media and fillings for chimney or expansion joint

Main feedstocks for producing vacuum formed products

Some special mastics, coatings and adhesives 

* The application units and industries mentioned above are not all that our products are involved in, more and more benefits and being tried and proved, please contact us for more knowledge and latest information