Insulating Castable

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HEATLONG ® insulating castable and low cement castable remain two of the most dynamic monolithics in the high temperature applications, HEATLONG ® refractory castable meets the demand of insulation materials for the special-shaped lining or insulating layer, the castable is versatile in density, wear and corrosion resistance, chemical compositions, castable are mainly based on bauxite and fireclay and applied by vibration and casting to fulfill the refractories 

HEATLONG ® refractory castable has been the stable auxiliary insulating materials for the alumina bricks, magnesium based bricks, alumina silicate wools and functional refractories, as an economical solution for the filling of insulation gap and furnace lining, the castable can be also made out of the different requests, we supply the castables with following typical specifications:

Extensive Applications


Filling of gaps of insulating or refractory furnace lining

Refractory materials for some special shaped sector

Coating for insulation layers

Industrial Furnaces in steel making

Furnace roof and heating chamber