Refractory Mortar, Coatings, Rigidizer

Temperature Grade:

Mortar: 1430°C(medium duty),1650°C (super duty),1760°C (super duty)

Coating  :  1400°C

Rigidizer: 1300°C

Standard Packing:

Barrel, Pallet

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EZREF™ Mortar is matched for the installation of insulating firebricks, both heat setting and air setting are available, multiple mortars can match the dense and lightweight bricks at different temperature grades, the mortar can dramatically increase the thermal performance of bricks

EZREF™ Coating is the high temprature adhesive for ceramic fiber products bonding, it can increase the durability and create the bondness between different ceramic fiber products to resist the high temperature.


EZREF™ Rigidizer is the protective liquid hardner for ceramic fiber blanket, paper and mat, it can improve the surface anti-corrosion and high velocity / hot gas resistance of fiber products under high temperature 

  • Multiple temperature grades to match different bricks

  • High temperature resistance and chemical stability

  • Available in both dry and wet conditions for easy and fast usage

Extensive Applications


Suitable for the installation of dense or lighweight bricks

Stick the ceramic fiber products together

Harden the ceramic fiber blanket, mat, papers

Surface durability increase for some mineral wool mats

* The application units and industries mentioned above are not all that our products are involved in, more and more benefits and being tried and proved, please contact us for more knowledge and latest information

  • Superior heat insulation and chemical stability

  • Easy installation and no special protection needed

  • Flexible composition to better suit the engineering requests


Coating & Rigidizer