Thanks to the exceptionally assertive and innovative working from our people, Thermstrong Corporation (hereinafter THERMC) embraces the fully fledged products portfolio and solutions in high temperature insulations, THERMC respects the individuality of each employee and motivates their potential talents as more as possible, opportunities in training and promotion are always accessible to each eligible member, in additional,competitive salary, bonus and allowances are deployed fairly and performance-oriented. We cherish the professional knowledge and strong points of every employee and devoted to providing comfortable working environments



Development of corporation is closely linked with the concerted efforts of each person, no exception for THERMC, our people always embrace the solidarity in corporate governance and running, the team working and all-broad cooperation in cross-departments drive the rapid growth of THERMC, our people acts actively and high-profile in joint jobs, countless problems and dilemma are overcome and the movement of each programme has been stepped up, THERMC is proud of the solidarity from our people, a solid groundwork propelling our advance

THERMC is open to each people and expect the joining of you ! Contact our HR department for the latest information on occupational vacancy.




THERMC is dedicated to providing the comfortable career conditions to our people and expect their embrace on our visions, our people join in us and develop with THERMC in the high spirits featuring passion, vigour and identical concepts, we are fully convinced that the mutual respects and supports play a key place in elevating our cohesion force and competitive edges. We're loyal to our people, our people is loyal to our clients and partners, THERMC is also honored to win the loyalty from our customers and partners in return.