We must pursue the strategy and policy with the core at customer's demands and requests, customer's feedback and suggestions have close relations on our decision and behaviour, our flexibility should be compatible with tendency of customer's requirements

We must take care of each customer seriously no matter their purchasing volume and local market share, let alone the cultural shock and difference on religions,each customer's business style and civilization should be fully respected and not be taken into account as the availability of cooperation,we should provide the concise and easily-understood responses.

We carry out the cooperation with customer in the pretext of law and local law in the customer's country, we must keep confidential on the business items and customer's extra requests, the disclose on the business details and customer's information is prohibited.

We must always ensure the honest communication and meticulous exchange with our customer, quick response and detailed explanation or clarification are essential, we accept our customer's tailor-made requests on service and provide with efficient solutions, each employee is accessible at any working time.

We offer professional proposal and scheme to customer with reasonable charges and all promises must be honoured even at the high costs, we welcome customer's visit to us and arrange the meeting with our customer at a regular time.



We must procure standard and correct raw materials for production, put advanced manufacturing facilities in use and ensure the maximum production capacity,trained and skilled workers must be arranged for producing materials.

Quality control and management must be implemented in the entire process of production, quality supervision and check, including the testing are supposed to be brought into force in the procurement, production and delivery, the reject ratio must be set under the minimum percentage.

We must guarantee the production strictly in conformity to the related standard and customer's technical requests, all packages of products must be suitable for truck transportation and sea-worthy, some extra protective measures are necessary.

We must keep close pace with the development tendency of products, ensuring our products competitive and high-quality, adopting effective solutions to minimize the costs and optimize the technical properties.

We need maintain the mounting production scale and capability on supply in a shortest time, the delivered materials must be completely in accordance with customer's quality, quantity and package, formulating solid production schedule to coordinate the supply.



We must fully respect the knowledge, education and living background, religions , characteristics and philosophy of each staff, positively accept their suggestions and decisions on the jobs.

We must provide competitive salary and welfare, each employee should be equally and fairly treatment in the working evaluation, the incentive measures and scheme,training programme and promotion are both available, discrimination and harassment are banned.

The management team should be open to each employee and better give full plays to each employee's specialities, all career information about the employee must be kept confidential and rejection to any bribe or flatter.

All staff must abide by the company's policy and regulations, refrain from any lures in sacrificing the company's interests, employees should recognize the corporate culture and visions, make concerted efforts to push forward our growth.

Employee should bear the professional ethics and reject to deliver any rumours or secrets to tarnish the company's reputation and jeopardize the benefits, each member must have a regular working reports to the superior and follows the instructions or notes from company.



We must present the concise, correct, time, accurate and true financial reports, sales statistics and related assessment to the investors, meanwhile, these articles should be easily understood.

Be candid, honest and fair in the treatment to each investor, positive exchange and communications with investors should be performed and regular meeting with investors is necessary, we reject to collude with one of investors to put another or others in the disadvantageous position.

We must fully understand the proposal and evaluation from investors, better our jobs and change the steps instructed from the company's governance,company's development outlook and prospects should be accessible to investors.

This code of conduct is aimed at better monitoring our works and accelerate our advancement, it's reviewed regularly, we appreciate it so much if there be any nice ideas from our partners and supervision from you, we trust that it's your concern and confidence drives us ahead !