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REACH registration finished

REACH registration at ECHA was successfully finished at Oct, 2017, contact us for more details

Biomag™ soluble wool paper 

Biomag™ soluble wool paper is made from premium soluble fiber bulk to showcase exceptional performance

Biomag™ soluble wool blanket 

Biomag™ soluble wool blanket is the high temperature wool based on alkaline earth wool (AES)

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We’re proud of supplying products in projects owned or constructed by following respected companies 

    Fibertherm™ Expanding Paper

    A lightweight intumescent paper resisting high temperature, thickness can be expanded when exposed to target temperature

        " We're committed to providing durable and premium heat insulation products for energy saving, our core products release the power of lightweight and versatile high temperature insulation wool, unparalleled benefits are creating high yields, more efficiency  and lower cost in extensive industries "




    Typical Benefits

    thermal insulation, fire protection, acoustic absorption, shock resistance

    Tons of daily capacity

    24 hours running for shorter delivery 

    Above Standard Products

    Loose bulk, blanket, board, paper...

    Increase edges by innovative fiber wool


    crucial contribution to reliability and durability


    key power to maintain sustainable growth

    Fibertherm™ High temperature insulation panel

    The lightweight panel can be customized into different shapes and sizes according to the drawings, which enables the flexible applications as heat shield, fire protection rings or insulation mat, multiple working temeprature grades are available upon request

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